is out on Rhino Records and includes liner notes by Mr. Heller. This definitive collection of music from noir films is a must have, and was produced by the late Warren Kolodny.
The literary-minded web-head should go to the Tower Records site and get E- Pulse. Skip just interviewed his hero Jimmy Martin and it'll be running in two parts (there's too much great stuff in it to abbreviate). The bluegrass legend opens up about his brilliant career as he never has before, and you won't want to miss it.

Also, E-Pulse keeps back issues, and Skip's two-part deal on John Hartford is seriously worth checking out. It is doubtful that the "Gentle On My Mind " composer has ever been interviewed by a more dedicated fan. Plus, there are SH-penned articles there about folks like Ben Vaughn, Art Fein, Sugar Plant, and more. E-mail E-Pulse at to request copies of any articles that aren't available on this site.

E-Pulse Articles:
Jimmy Martin - A Life In Bluegrass Music, Part 1
Jimmy Martin - A Life In Bluegrass Music, Part 2
Jimmy Martin - A Life In Bluegrass Music, Part 3

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