Mindphaseone is a collaboration project between Auto Kinetic ( John Golden, Mike McClure) and DJ Drone (David Jarosz). Formed in the Spring of 96 the three have been working together on a variety of dance oriented projects before MPO's inception. Auto Kinetic has been doing independent dance releases since the early part of 1994. The duo owns and operate the Electric Music Foundation label and releases tracks on domestic and over seas labels. DJ Drone started his djing career 6 years ago. He released a record in early 96 on a local label called Sounds. He also is the owner of Bassment Records, an all vinyl dj store.

David and Mike have known each other since High school. It was in early '92 when Mike bought his first sampler. Shortly after, Mike hooked up with David and formed a group called Mindphaseone. It consisted of David spinning and Mike laying down live samples over the top of the music.

Some may categorize this project as being ambient, some may say its experimental, we find it's somewhere in between. MPO uses analog circuitry to create sounds and textures. There was minimal sampling done on this album. MPO does not condemn the use of technology, but rather as a tool to explore new horizons in electronic music. "A Wave Length Away" was recorded live; there were no multi-tracking devices used.